We make handcrafted software for remarkable companies.

What we do

PromptWorks makes web and mobile applications for companies who value doing things right.

  • Team augmentation
  • Software as a Service
  • Scaling and performance
  • Security audits
  • Machine learning

How we work

We're in constant communication to build exactly what you want. Our software practices mean you see progress every day and can prioritize features in real time. You set the milestones and our software does the math. No black box. No surprises.
We're not just coders, we're businesspeople, too. It's our job to learn your business, model it with a computer, and suggest improvements to maximize efficiency and customer satisfaction. Better software means better business.
Automated testing means we can deliver code often and with confidence. We use and contribute back to open-source software, which has myriad cost, maintenance, and security benefits. Your code, of course, always remains confidential.
We want you to be thrilled to work with us week after week, not locked into a project you don’t control. We write apps that are never broken and can be handed off at any time. We've minimized the cost of switching developers so you'll never want to.

Our clients

Our team

Greg Sterndale

Software Engineer

Mike Nicholaides

Software Engineer

Jason Garber

Software Engineer

Emily Lowing

Software Engineer

Dave Mox

Software Engineer

Ray Zane

Software Engineer

Ryan Hinkel

Software Engineer

Brian Duggan

Software Engineer

Patrick Smith

Software Engineer

Jan Mlčoch

Software Engineer

Rana Libdeh

Office Manager

Yvonne Chen

Business Analyst

Peter Nettl

Office Administrator

Sarah Gray

Software Engineer

Matt McManus

Software Engineer

Avery Martin-Chadwick

Sales and Marketing Intern

Dan McClory

Software Engineer

Andrew Croce

UX Designer

Dustin Ingram

Software Engineer

Jeff Deville

Software Engineer

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