We make handcrafted software for remarkable companies.

What we do

PromptWorks makes web and mobile applications for companies who value doing things right.

  • Application development
  • Scaling
  • Redundancy
  • Performance
  • Virtualization
  • Application architecture
  • Automated testing
  • Continuous integration
  • Configuration managment
  • Automated deployment

How we work

We're in constant communication to build exactly what you want. Our software practices mean you see progress every day and can prioritize features in real time. You set the milestones and our software does the math. No black box. No surprises.
We're not just coders, we're businesspeople, too. It's our job to learn your business, model it with a computer, and suggest improvements to maximize efficiency and customer satisfaction. Better software means better business.
Automated testing means we can deliver code often and with confidence. We use and contribute back to open-source software, which has myriad cost, maintenance, and security benefits. Your code, of course, always remains confidential.
We want you to be thrilled to work with us week after week, not locked into a project you don’t control. We write apps that are never broken and can be handed off at any time. We've minimized the cost of switching developers so you'll never want to.

Our clients

Our team

Greg is a software engineer steeped in over a decade of experience, seasoned with optimism and an appetite for challenges. Through a reasoned approach and clear thinking he delivers measurable results. Be they startups or enterprises, Greg believes clients are experts in their own domain and strives to understand their business and speak their language. A champion of quality in software, he doesn’t just solve problems, he solves them elegantly.

Greg Sterndale

Co-Founder &
Software Engineer

Mike has been doing web development since the ’90s and has made it his living since 2004. He has a passion for taking complex business processes and turning them into easy-to-use software. He’s addicted to learning and is devoted to continuously improving his craft. Although he’s a highly experienced Ruby programmer, he believes that having a wide range of skills in technology and keeping abreast with the cutting edge enables him to build the best software possible.

Mike Nicholaides

Co-Founder &
Software Engineer

Jason started developing websites as part of the computer company he founded in 1997. He became a Ruby developer in 2005 and has been working with Rails for longer than almost anyone in the industry. A student of business and economics, he’s always on the lookout for untapped potential and opportunities to streamline business processes. Clients tell him again and again that they love how he bridges business and tech and his recommendations are solid and prudent.

Jason Garber

Co-Founder &
Software Engineer

Patrick Smith

Software Engineer

Ryan Hinkel

Software Engineer

Dustin Ingram

Software Engineer

Dan has been using Ruby since 2007 and got serious about development in 2011, while working on tools for a publishing company. He's constantly on the lookout for tools, concepts, and techniques that make either the process of development or its end result more efficient.

Dan McClory

Software Engineer

Dave joins us with a wide range of experience that includes not only software development but also roles in marketing and client services management. He believes great software creates real value for its users at both the individual and organizational levels, and this drives him to deliver products that are a pleasure to use and maintain. Dave's passion for continued learning and creative expression is rivaled only by a new-found love of Andes Mints.

Dave Mox

Software Engineer

Sarah Gray

Software Engineer

Len has been developing software professionally for fifteen years. When not writing software, Len is probably thinking or talking about writing software. His passions are all things Ruby, Agile and Lean methodologies, testing and a fascination with Domain Specific Languages.

Len Smith

Software Engineer

John Parsons

Software Engineer

Emily Lowing

Software Engineer

Jeff's introduced agile development to plant managers at Intel, rewrote a top 100 website for scalability (in ~2 months), been CTO of one startup and a founder of another. Unique in his ability to lead development efforts from both the terminal and the meeting room, Jeff has established a track record of quality, on-time delivery. He works collaboratively with business leaders to deliver maximal ROI for his time. He works hard, learns rabidly, and loves every second of it.

Jeff Deville

Software Engineer

Yvonne Chen

Business Analyst

Rana graduated with a Bachelor's in Sociology from the University of Missouri-St. Louis. She previously served as an AmeriCorps STL member, worked as a Membership & Outreach Coordinator for a nonprofit in DC, and taught English in Korea. She dabbles in copyediting and writing on the side, and has a fondness for wasabi.

Rana Libdeh

Office Manager

Brian Duggan

Software Engineer

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