1. In Defense of Cargo Cult Programming

    Cargo cult programming has a bad name, and for good reason. But is it always that bad?

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  2. Dirty Code: How software glitches free prisoners, stop stock exchanges

    Upstart Business Journal recently featured PromptWorks co-founder Mike Nicholaides’ thoughts on software quality and responsible software engineers’ obligations to minimize risks.

    Upstart Business JournalOriginally published in Upstart Business Journal
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  3. Less is more: 5 tips for smoothly outsourcing web work

    Technical.ly Philly recently featured a piece by PromptWorks co-founder Mike Nicholaides.

    Technical.ly PhillyOriginally published in Technical.ly Philly
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  4. Securing Your Rails App

    How can you know if your Rails app is safe?

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  5. SOLID and TDD, Sitting in a Tree

    You’ve heard the claims or know from experience that test-driven development (TDD) produces better code.

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