We’re welcoming the most recent addition to our team, Dawn McDougall, our newly minted Operations Manager.

Dawn is a West Coast native and originally came to Philadelphia to earn her undergraduate degree from Drexel University. After studying urbanism and government, she was bit by the civic tech bug and ultimately pursued a career in the (somewhat daunting) tech world.

Dawn McDougall
Dawn McDougall, PromptWorks Operations Manager

Dawn cut her teeth in tech by joining the local community group well known for using technology and data as a mode of civic engagement to improve the city — Code for Philly. It wasn’t long until Dawn was helping think strategically about the community, planning events, and would ultimately go on to lead the group in 2015 alongside one of the original captains and outspoken Philly tech advocate, Chris Alfano.

Most recently Dawn worked in product marketing at the long-standing leader in govtech digital communications, GovDelivery. Now as Operations Manager at PromptWorks, she’s excited to join a team of top-notch developers and creative professionals working to deliver world-class software products for clients of many sizes and industries. The Ops Manager role will help PromptWorks gain efficiencies in its daily processes and set up conditions for growth.

In addition to managing operations at PromptWorks, Dawn continues to run Code for Philly under advisement of its advisory board and with support from its leadership team. She is also a public speaker and vocal champion for more “tech-adjacents” bringing new perspective and skill sets to the tech world.

In her free moments, Dawn is an enthusiastic podcast consumer, beer snob and avid conversationalist. Seriously, she will talk your ear off if you let her!

You can chat with her on Twitter (@de_mcdougs) and connect with her on LinkedIn.