DEI at Promptworks: A Work in Progress

Committed for the Long-Haul

by Michael Johnson

For us, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is a core expression of the type of company we strive to be: a company that embraces and celebrates differences, recognizing that a broad spectrum of people with differing life journeys and perspectives will make us a stronger, more creative, and ultimately more successful team.

Committed for the Long-Haul

We recognize that DEI work is far from easy and never quite complete, which is why we are committed for the long-haul, acknowledging that although we’ve made some progress, there is always room for improvement and so much more to do.

To organize our efforts and guide our efficacy, we formed an internal DEI committee. This volunteer team, comprised of employees across our organization helps to facilitate our company-wide DEI efforts and initiatives and is focused on the following four areas:

  • Learning: The landscape of DEI is advancing rapidly. We are committed to bringing the best ideas and proven strategies to enhance and evolve our organization’s efforts.
  • Practices: We take a hard look at our employment policies, practices and company culture to ensure that people on our team are treated equitably, can thrive, and are able to cultivate a strong sense of belonging.
  • Community: We seek opportunities to incorporate a DEI lens to our corporate social responsibility efforts, supporting and elevating high impact organizations in our community.
  • Language: Our team comes from all walks of life and has varied perspectives and life experiences, so it felt important for us to develop a common language around concepts related to DEI. Getting on the same page is an important first step to establishing alignment around our commitments.

Working in Partnership

Early on, we knew that going it alone would yield limited results. We recognized that meaningful shifts would only be realized through accountability and transparency, not just within our organization, but also within our community, amongst the clients we serve, and peers in our industry. To help us get started we convened a DEI Council of external stakeholders who share a common commitment to advancing DEI. The members of our inaugural council have been immensely helpful in providing us with fresh perspectives and thoughtful commentary and feedback on our practices, marketing materials, and upcoming activities.

Organizations like Echo Me Forward and Greenhouse have also been extremely helpful in our efforts to diversify our talent pipeline and root out bias in the hiring process. Firms like Wizehive, Guru and Seer Interactive have been tremendous thought partners, sharing their own DEI experience and lessons learned as fellow companies in the tech industry. Additionally, the DEI consultancy, Exude has accelerated our team's efforts in the early stages of building out our DEI framework.

Looking Ahead

While we are proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish thus far, we know that there is more work to do. As we look forward to the new year, we aim to build on the gains made in 2020 to push us even further.

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