A couple weeks ago, we welcomed Pat Woods as the first Communications Specialist at PromptWorks.

Over the last four years, PromptWorks has evolved from a Ruby-focused development shop to a robust product consultancy with a diverse set of specialities ranging from big data and machine learning to mobile, web, and Internet of Things applications. Our practice of software craftsmanship and passion for products hasn’t changed, but the company has matured to require more and more attention on the business side of the business.

The Communications Specialist will play an important role in telling the PromptWorks story–past present, and future. For this role, we needed someone who has a passion for software development and products, a natural-born storyteller, understands how PromptWorks builds custom software differently, and why we see clients as partners, not paychecks.

Pat Woods
Pat Woods, PromptWorks Communications Specialist

Why We Chose Pat

My first time meeting Pat was at a Code for Philly hackathon in early 2016. As the organizer of the event, I was hurriedly running around to make sure logistics were in place and checking in on project teams when I found Pat Woods. A true Philly guy who liked our crazy idea of using tech to make our city a better place for everyone.

Though Pat isn’t a coder, he was interested in learning more about tech and how it can be used to solve problems. He jumped on a team using open data to visualize the flow of campaign finance. I immediately noticed Pat’s tenacity for getting things done balanced with being a team player working towards a shared goal.

His character led him to jump on the Code for Philly leadership as the first Communications Lead. Under his leadership, the Code for Philly quickly gained greater visibility and engagement in the community. I was impressed by Pat’s fearlessness for taking on new challenges and consistently elevating our level of teamwork. When we began the search for our Communications Specialist at PromptWorks, Pat’s experience, connection to the Philly tech scene, and incredible work ethic stood out clearly.

I’m excited to welcome him to our team and see how he shapes communications at PromptWorks. Welcome, Pat!

More about Pat

Pat is a lifelong resident of the Philadelphia area, having grown up in Delaware County and attended Temple University, where he studied art education. After a number of years in teaching, Pat pivoted into tech after seeing firsthand the impact of tech in education.

In his previous position, Pat worked as a systems analyst, helping to troubleshoot and maintain a number of proprietary and third party platforms at a local academic publisher. In the analyst role, he was able to gain insight into how clients use software to achieve business goals using a mixture of product and custom platforms.

When Pat is not doing communications for PromptWorks, he does comms for Code for Philly. As the current Communications Lead with the local civic tech group, he’s most enjoyed showing off the work of community members combining their tech skills and passion for their city.