PromptWorks, one of Philadelphia’s leading software development companies, was recently interviewed by, a website that helps businesses find software companies who practice disciplined Test Driven Development.

Tests come first

Test driven development diagram

Test Driven Development (TDD) is an approach that is critical in the delivery of high quality, sustainable software, yet some companies have still not adopted it. TDD is about building a feature by first writing a test based on that feature’s requirements to ensure the software built meets those requirements. When the test fails, the developer writes the application code that makes it pass. Software companies that practice TDD produce better engineered software, and the tests they’ve created document how features are supposed to work and prevent changes from breaking them.

TDD and Agile make PromptWorks successful

WeDoTDD recently chose to interview PromptWorks, a leading practitioner of TDD in Philadelphia. PromptWorks has been named one of Philadelphia’s Top App Development Companies by and a Top Software Developer by the Philadelphia Business Journal in 2016. Jason Garber, one of PromptWorks’ three founders, was interviewed about the company’s success, their use of Agile practices, and how they implement Test Driven Development.

WeDoTDD: “Since you’re all about quality and since a lot of companies out there still aren’t focused on code quality, it sounds like you’re looking for certain types of companies or startups—those that allow you to keep your principles and practices in play while you serve them.”

Jason Garber: “Right. They’ll look at our rates and ask why they should pay that when I can get someone offshore for a third of the price. If they’re smart, they’ll ask if we work three times faster. If they’re really smart, they’ll realize the quality difference we provide will save them more money in the long run.”

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Spreading software craftsmanship in Philadelphia

PromptWorks, founded in 2013, is a part of the software craftsmanship movement. WeDoTDD points product owners in the direction of developers like PromptWorks that focus on quality, sustainability, and transparency. “We had the Software Craftsmanship state of mind. We felt that we’d like to spread that mentality in Philadelphia as it did not have a large influence here yet. So we started a company modeled by those principles and practices in order to do a better job of software engineering for our clients,” said Jason Garber, COO and co-founder of PromptWorks.

PromptWorks spreads TDD and other agile practices to the Philadelphia software community through its Software as Craft meetup, hosting and speaking at local meetups, and training our clients’ developers in TDD. We’d welcome the opportunity to give a talk at your company or pair program with your developers.