Have you ever looked at a company’s reviews and noticed that they’ve suspiciously received five stars from every reviewer?

One can’t help but think something fishy is going on.

All companies rely on feedback for improvement, but it’s often more difficult than asking clients how we’ve done and posting their comments online. It can be a hard conversation to broach, and direct feedback can be uncomfortable for the client, causing them to only mention the positives and spare the criticism.

At PromptWorks, we want authentic, unvarnished feedback from our software development clients. After trying several different approaches, we’re happy to have discovered As a neutral third-party, they collect reviews on our behalf and use the ratings to rank the best software development companies in Philadelphia. Here’s why we’re so enthused:

  1. They request reviews on our behalf. No more awkward conversations asking clients to critique our work. Clutch calls our clients and asks all the hard questions for us. This allows the client to be more frank with their feedback and genuine with their ratings.

  2. The reviewers can be anonymous. If clients prefer their feedback remain anonymous, they can. Clutch doesn’t pressure anyone into making their identity public. Companies often have restrictions around endorsements and their trademarks, and they can’t put their name to their reviews, much as they’d like to.

  3. They provide insight on what a relationship with PromptWorks looks like. With the comprehensive reviews, future clients and partners get a feel of what doing business with PromptWorks is like.

  4. They promote us organically. Paid promotions are less authentic than referrals and word of mouth. Clutch gets out the word on Philly’s best software developers, not just the ones with the biggest marketing budgets.

  5. They are timely. Clutch helps us get reviews published quickly after each project is finished. This ensures more feedback and credibility when it comes time for future clients to choose software consultants.

Clutch has been a great tool for PromptWorks and we can’t wait to see more client reviews on our profile. If you’re a recent client, please take a few minutes to respond to Clutch’s invitation. We really appreciate your feedback!

We’re proud of how we stack up. Don’t just take our word for it! Check out the reviews for software development companies in Philadelphia.