A few questions about you

Thanks for your in interest working with PromptWorks! The following are a few standard, very short questions for getting a sense of how we could use your help. After you give us a bit of info about yourself, we’ll get back to you with some next steps.

As we’ve mentioned before, while we are interested in talking to people all over North America, our primary interest is for people who can frequently work on-site with us or our clients in or around Philadelphia or New York City.

This is a requirement for contracts that involve being on-site. Visa sponsorship for our contractors is not an option for us at this time.

A resume isn’t strictly necessary, but it is a good way of communicating your capabilities and experience.

A range is fine. We just want to make sure we’re all in the same ballpark.

Most projects need 30-40 hours per week, but this requirement does vary.

For most projects, this is a requirement.

How often would you be willing to be on-site…