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This ability to offer solutions no matter how tough the question is, is what makes PromptWorks unique.

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Mobile apps… and so much more

The world of mobile app development is dynamic and fast-paced, with new phones, wearables & other devices constantly being released constantly. We love working on new technologies and solving complex challenges. We’re at the forefront of mobile app development. From native mobile apps to connected devices, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s a sample of the mobile application development services we offer:

  • iOS Development

    Build & deploy fast, reliable, well-designed iPhone apps.

  • Android Development

    Build & deploy fast, reliable, well-designed Android apps.

  • Cross-platform App Development

    Expand your audience faster with a single codebase across multiple platforms.

  • Integration with Wearables

    Build innovative integrations for the growing field of wearable technologies.

  • Fitness Tech

    Take advantage of the growing field of health and fitness trackers.

  • Connected Devices

    Build new integrations between mobile and home or workplace devices.

  • Natural Language Processing

    Make it easier for your customers to interact with your application using Natural Language Processing. Have you heard? "txt is the new UI!"

  • Responsive Web Applications

    Optimize your new or existing web application for mobile use.

  • Backend as a Service

    Turnkey user management, storage, and notifications for your mobile apps reduce cost and time-to-market.

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Some PromptWorks employees and a laptop

Why PromptWorks?

For expertise, reliability, dedication and quality of communication, PromptWorks is without a doubt top of the bill.

Your customers expect a brilliant mobile experience

Whether you run a startup, or a Fortune 500 company, your customers expect a brilliant mobile experience.

Our team of mobile software engineers will help you build a mobile app that surprises and delights your users with high-performance, thoughtful-design and careful attention to detail. And our proven Agile process means we’ll deliver your app on-time and on-budget.

We’ve helped these companies build brilliant mobile apps:

Jason Garber, co-founder of PromptWorks, pairing with another engineer
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I liked the approach and thoughtfulness demonstrated by PromptWorks. They have a great talent pool there with very reliable and responsive management.

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A Team of Deeply Skilled Mobile App Developers

Our team of mobile developers are experts in building mobile apps of all kinds. They were hand-picked after undergoing an intense hiring process and technical evaluation.

All of our developers work in-house in our Philadelphia office. We never outsource your development to third parties, or use offshore devs. We’ve found the best results come from small, integrated teams that care about the success of your product.

We’re experts in:

In addition to:

Emily Lowing and Dave Mox, software engineers at PromptWorks
Jason Garber, Mike Nicholaides, and Greg Sterndale, founders of PromptWorks, working at the whiteboard

Our Process

A Process That Consistently Delivers Brilliant Software (And Makes Your Job Easier)

At PromptWorks, we use an Agile process, which means we work closely with you in short, weekly sprints. We’ll be in constant communication, showing you new features as they are coded and getting your feedback. No last-minute surprises, no black boxes.

We test as we go to make sure your apps is always working as it should be. And our developers will work on your application in pairs, which has been shown to lead to more robust, higher quality software.

Bottom-line: you get brilliant software on-time, on-budget, and without any headaches.

Discovery & Kickoff

We take the first few days to collaboratively plan and develop a strategy. We set up the codebase and test frameworks, and jointly generate a backlog of work for the upcoming phases.


Rather than disappearing for months while you wonder what's happening, we work in one or two week sprints, with your close collaboration and approval at every stage.


Our UI / UX Designers visualize user stories by creating wireframes, mockups, and prototypes.


Our Engineers implement the user stories and designs by building fully functioning code and automated tests.


Our team presents you with a working product, ready for you to test and validate before we iterate again.

Deployment & Handoff

We deploy your new production code to live traffic. Our engineers seamlessly hand off the project to your team, providing all the necessary training to make sure they have the resources needed to succeed.

Jason Garber, Mike Nicholaides, and Greg Sterndale, founders of PromptWorks, playing foosball
Some software development books on the PromptWorks bookshelf
Some PromptWorks employees and a laptop


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