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Hire the perfect UI / UX designer for your project

Our designers can help you at every level of the design process, from mapping out the needs and motivations of your audience, to pixel-perfect front-end implementations, to testing your interactive experiences with real users.

Combined with our software engineers, we have all the resources you need to make exceptionally good applications.

Our designers are experts in:

  • Mobile App Design

    Handcrafted interactive experiences for iOS and Android apps.

  • Web Application Design

    Handcrafted interactive experiences for web apps of all kinds.

  • Responsive Design

    Create consistent, memorable experiences across multiple devices and applications.

  • Audience Analysis & Strategy

    Understand the needs and motivations of target users.

  • User Testing

    Observe and measure the behavior of your real users to improve your interactive experience.

  • Usability Auditing

    Understand how your app’s design stacks up against UX industry best practices.

  • Modular CSS

    Build clear, well-organized stylesheets that are easier to maintain and update.

  • Semantic HTML5

    Make your app more accessible and search-engine friendly with semantically structured HTML5.

  • Rapid Prototyping

    Speed up the design process by test-driving working versions or your software early and providing feedback.

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Why PromptWorks?

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Better UX = Better Business

Whether you’re building a consumer app or a mission-critical enterprise application, much of its success (or failure) depends on design. Is it intuitive or confusing? Is it beautiful or an eyesore?

At PromptWorks, we can help you build something your users will love.

A UI/UX Designer from our office in Philadelphia will work alongside your team to understand your users & goals. Together, we’ll craft a user experience and interface design that delights your users and grows your business

We’ve helped these companies build brilliant experiences:

Some PromptWorks engineers planning at the whiteboard
A PromptWorks designer working on a project

Our Process

We’re in this with you – from the first sketch to pixel perfection

Great design is never built in a silo. That’s why we use a collaborative, Agile process.

The process starts with a deep understanding of your users and your vision. We work closely with you in short, weekly sprints. We’ll be in constant communication, showing you new designs as they are built and getting your feedback.

We work as a part of your team, collaborating side-by-side. We take pride in what we build, crafting your app to be beautiful both inside and out using. We use well-organized, modular CSS and semantic HTML5 – so it’s easy to maintain and update down the road. Because we’re in this with you for the long haul.

Discovery & Kickoff

We take the first few days to collaboratively plan and develop a strategy. We set up the codebase and test frameworks, and jointly generate a backlog of work for the upcoming phases.


Rather than disappearing for months while you wonder what's happening, we work in one or two week sprints, with your close collaboration and approval at every stage.


Our UI / UX Designers visualize user stories by creating wireframes, mockups, and prototypes.


Our Engineers implement the user stories and designs by building fully functioning code and automated tests.


Our team presents you with a working product, ready for you to test and validate before we iterate again.

Deployment & Handoff

We deploy your new production code to live traffic. Our engineers seamlessly hand off the project to your team, providing all the necessary training to make sure they have the resources needed to succeed.

Jason Garber, Mike Nicholaides, and Greg Sterndale, founders of PromptWorks, playing foosball
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Some PromptWorks employees and a laptop


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