A team built around one idea. Do the right thing,
the right way.

You know that moment when you’re by yourself and you see something that you could fix, but you know NO ONE will ever see that you took the time to fix it? We hire people that will fix that thing. People who take pride in details, visible or not, because they want to work with integrity and care.

A Simple Beginning

It all began with a passion for quality engineering.

We sometimes wish our origin story was part of some wildly vivid fever dream that revealed a crystal-clear vision of a thriving company decades into the future.

In reality, Greg, Mike and Jason were three incredibly talented developers that loved making great software. In 2013, they decided to start a company that would focus on just that. So they founded Promptworks.

A core set of values define us.

  • Solve problems that matter.

    Tackle the tough ones. Move the needle. We succeed when our solutions produce real-world results.

  • Ideas are welcome. Egos are not.

    Everyone gets a seat at the table. We need your insights, passion and perspective. We’ll take a pass on primadonnas and political jockeying.

  • Don't hide behind your screen.

    Be a human first. Technology is incredible, but its greatest potential is unlocked when it understands and enhances the role it will have alongside human interaction.

  • Communicate with honesty.

    Whether internally or with a client, transparency is a must. Lack of communication can lead to assumptions and, well, we know what that leads to.

Meet The Team

  • Jason Garber

    COO & Software Engineer

    Ask me latest DIY hack

  • Greg Sterndale

    CEO & Software Engineer

    Ask me about......cycling, hiking, skiing, or anything out of doors

  • Mike Nicholaides

    CTO & Software Engineer

    Ask me about......the time I hired myself as an intern

  • Christine Olivas

    Director of Sales & Marketing

    Ask me about......performing standup comedy

  • Dawn McDougall

    Director of Client Engagement

    Ask me solo road trip up the California coast

  • Michael Johnson

    Director of Business Operations

    Ask me about......Instant pot meal prep

  • Matt Riedel

    Director of Engineering

    Ask me zombie engagement photos

  • Steve Cleff

    Director of Product Design

    Ask me about......the time I sold a painting to Neil Gaiman

  • Ian DiBruno

    Software Project Manager

    Ask me time as a personal finance mentor

  • Jay Newlin

    Quality Assurance Manager

    Ask me about......visiting all seven continents

  • Dan McClory

    Software Engineer

    Ask me stuff like books

  • Dan Corrigan

    Software Engineer

    Ask me arts and printmaking

  • Jon Long

    Front End Engineer

    Ask me about......the world's largest pinball tournament

  • Christopher Green

    Software Engineer

    Ask me for making omelettes

  • Tim Flood

    Software Project Manager

    Ask me about......Lancaster

  • Jane Lee

    Operations Manager

    Ask me killer vegan banana bread

  • Angelica Suarez

    Software Project Manager

    Ask me about......working at Paris Fashion Week

  • Carleton Atwater

    Software Engineer

    Ask me time as a door-to-door knife salesman

  • Graham Beckley

    Software Engineer

    Ask me about......teaching English in China

  • Ashley Hannan

    Software Project Manager

    Ask me complete collection
 of Martha Stewart Living magazines

  • Rob Hassler

    Business Development Manager

    Ask me history

  • Richard Howard

    Software Engineer

    Ask me about......noise music

  • Jeff Deville

    Software Engineer

    Ask me about......overdoing a Harry Potter costume party w/2 Raspberry Pis, 8 motors and duct tape

  • Andrew Croce

    UX/UI Designer

    Ask me about......Bubbles, my former pet sourdough

  • Nicole Phoenix

    Operations & Community 
Engagement Coordinator

    Ask me super power

  • Jessica McManus

    Talent Acquisition Specialist

    Ask me about......darts

  • Sarah Miller

    Sales Development Representative

    Ask me dumpling addiction

  • Tom Chandler

    Software Engineer

    Ask me about......the metaphysics of Mario

  • Jesse Bracho

    Software Engineer

    Ask me about......growing up on a horse farm

  • Diana Funk

    UX Designer

    Ask me about......sidonglobophobia

  • Steve Sweetney

    Software Engineer

    Ask me top JRPGs

  • Ray Zane

    Software Engineer

    Ask me uninvited house pets

  • Ryan Hinkel

    Software Engineer

    Ask me about......knots

  • Sam Vitale Kofman

    UX Designer

    Ask me cat's Instagram account

  • Leigh Passamano

    Software Engineer

    Ask me about......working at a textile conservation lab

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