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Information architecture

At the root of all great products is a well-organized system that is flexible, adaptable and scalable. Before our designers put a single pixel on the page, they begin by understanding your business priorities and building an information architecture that will support effortless use of your digital products.

Build understanding and move forward together:

A strong information architecture helps create a common structure for all the people who touch your product. Your business stakeholders, designers and engineers will all be speaking the same language, which means more effective communication and efficient product development.

Most importantly, we believe in embracing the complexity of being human. A solid information architecture will help us build a product that delivers value and adapts to your users’ existing behavior — not just a collection of screens and buttons. You will be better at understanding your users and reacting to their needs.

We want your biggest challenges.

We’re happiest when we’re solving problems that don’t have obvious solutions. It’s led to our best work and our clients’ best results.

How we work:

Our design researchers will take insights from user research to understand people’s goals and to identify what tasks will accomplish those goals. Tasks will be evaluated and consolidated, informing the design of customer journeys and product interface components. With these product elements, our designers build a comprehensive structure that will form the backbone of your product.

Designers will use this structure to craft interfaces.
Product managers will use this structure to write user stories.
Engineers will use this structure to build databases.

You and your business can take advantage of this structure to market your product, build awareness, and increase adoption.

How we've done it:

CASE STUDY: Revel Ride, Leverage App, DIscovery

Running a fitness business involves many moving and interconnected parts. Leverage’s stakeholders had long experienced the convoluted and disjointed business management systems available for the fitness industry. They had a vision to create a unified and streamlined system that allowed them to focus on the most important thing: their customers.

See how Promptworks’ research and information design helped them create a powerful new model to grow a fitness business.

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