Product Design

Prototyping & presentation

Our Design process is tailored to support your business vision. Our screen mockups may very well be pixel-perfect masterpieces, but they must also give you room to iterate, gather feedback, and demonstrate value.

Design that helps you build and learn:

Your business succeeds on much more than just functioning software and beautiful design. Part of building products is understanding your customer needs, testing ideas, building relationships, and establishing a base of satisfied users.

In order to do these things, you’ll need tools to visualize, iterate, and test which solutions work and which do not. You need tools to help you realize the vision for your product, and demonstrate its value, even before it exists.

We believe that a big part of our job is to help you build your business. We don’t hide behind our screens. Our goal is to help you get out in front of the difficult job of conceptualizing and creating a successful product.

Fast but don't rush.

Because we’ve done it before, we can do it well — quickly. Our systems and experience let us prioritize and problem solve so you can get real value weekly during the initial phases and every two weeks when sprints start.

How it works:

At every stage of our discovery and design process, we demonstrate and test the value we’re building. We don’t merely send you a few images of screen mockups; we craft interactive prototypes and presentations with context and purpose.

Every idea is woven into the information architecture we’ve established, so you can understand how it fits into the larger picture.

Every screen and design decision is backed by user research, heuristics, and analysis, so you can learn which solutions will be the best possible experience for your customers.

Every prototype allows you to visualize, comprehend, and validate ideas early on, before committing to engineering.

How we've done it:

Case Study: Revel Ride, Leverage App, Discovery

Building a fitness business is hard enough. Building a new business management toolkit to revolutionize the fitness industry is another matter entirely. Leverage needed more than just screen mockups to demonstrate the potential of their new product, they needed to build a narrative that showed how they were miles ahead of the competition.

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