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API & backend development

The world is built on a complex web of internet-connected platforms. APIs are what keep them all in sync, connecting mobile apps, websites, wearable devices, smart TVs, and more.

Delivering your secret sauce:

Your products are increasingly expanding to new platforms. Employees and customers are continually demanding your services in novel ways. It’s critical that your unique business logic remains consistent and reliable, regardless of the environment.

Promptworks API developers know that details matter. They understand there’s a precise secret sauce that makes your products unique. They know how to bottle it. They know how to deliver it.

We’re not a “python shop” or any other kind of shop.

We stay agnostic and recommend tools that best fit the need, even if that means not working with us.

How it works:

Our engineers live and breathe APIs. Designing them starts with research. Alongside our product strategists and designers, our software engineers work to understand the structure and inner workings of your unique business model.

They make strategic decisions that help you balance value with budget, adapting off-the-shelf solutions when cost effective, and recommending customized API solutions when necessary.

They build robust and fault tolerant solutions that adapt to an ever changing environment of devices and platforms.

They design smart APIs that are easily consumed, opening up new pathways to continue delivering your product’s value.

How we've done it:

Case Study: Honeygrow, Kiosk

Honeygrow’s restaurant technology needed to be consolidated. Their ingredients APIs needed to be consistent and easily maintained across all their locations, and tie in seamlessly with a streamlined in-restaurant customer experience.

They relied on Promptworks to make sure all this was done intelligently, efficiently, and without interruption.

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