Software Engineering

DevOps & cloud architecture

Modern software needs to be accessible at all times, all over the globe. It also needs to be cost effective and efficient, scaling to meet demand only when and where it is necessary.

Right-size your infrastructure:

Your business needs to adapt to an ever-changing landscape of users, maximizing availability in the cloud while minimizing cost and maintenance requirements. Sometimes demand spikes, sometimes it dips, sometimes things go wrong; your infrastructure should adapt gracefully and automatically.

Our DevOps engineers are always eager to do the right thing for your business infrastructure. They have the experience to know what services are necessary, and the skills to tie them together seamlessly.

We present options, you make the call.

We’ll empower you to make thoughtful decisions with the right context, research, and tradeoffs.

How it works:

Deploying your software doesn’t need to be a delicate and dangerous dance. Promptworks engineers work hard to understand your dynamic infrastructure needs and set up a robust and reliable cloud infrastructure that requires less babysitting and maintenance.

Our engineers will recommend an appropriate stack of cloud services, from the appropriate providers. They will build cloud native web application and mobile apps from the ground up, or convert your existing software.

Our goal as your DevOps team is to make it so you don’t really need one.

How we've done it:

CASE STUDY: J.W. Pepper, Web Application

When sheet music retailer J.W. Pepper acquired a third party platform, they were confronted with a disjointed collection of legacy infrastructures. They consulted with Promptworks to help modernize and stabilize their DevOps infrastructure, putting them on track to move forward and meet revenue requirements.

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