Case Study: goPuff

goPuff found the right audience for new flavors with a more usable UI and analytics.

goPuff is a consumer-facing delivery service, providing customers with quick access to products like food, drinks, and other household essentials. goPuff realized that many of its partner brands wanted a way to test out new products and build consumer excitement around new items—and that their platform was the perfect way to reach targeted customers. But the process for testing sample products had previously been manual—and slow. They enlisted the help of Promptworks to build a custom app that would streamline product sampling to save goPuff time and money.

Here was our challenge:

goPuff’s existing platform required employees to work closely with programmers to add a sample product to a customer’s order. It had a bare-bones interface, which made the process slow and tedious. Promptworks needed to streamline this interface with a more usable UI—and add analytics tools to evaluate the new feature’s effectiveness.

Here's how we solved it:

Promptworks began by addressing the immediate problem: the need for an intuitive user interface that would allow goPuff employees to quickly add sample products to orders without the help of developers. Our designers and engineers worked to deliver this platform quickly and provide immediate value to goPuff.

The next phase of the project involved designing an analytics system to measure the sample products’ effect on later shopping behavior.

We knew this analytics platform would need a strong foundation in research, so we began with a comprehensive Discovery phase. To do this, the Promptworks team visited goPuff headquarters to capture their business values, create an object map, and interview members of key user segments to inform the necessary features in the analytics system.

After synthesizing our data, we created high-fidelity interface designs for the goPuff analytics platform.

See the results:

Not only were we able to deliver immediate value in the form of a streamlined user interface, the Promptworks team also provided goPuff with business insights thanks to our exhaustive Discovery work. These insights provided stakeholders with the confidence they needed to invest in further product development.

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