Keith Fitzgerald, VP of Technology at Honeygrow, had ambitious goals for his rapidly growing restaurant group, but they didn’t necessarily revolve around food: How could they make it effortless for customers to customize a meal with 90+ possible ingredients and not leave them paralyzed by choice?

Creating an Experience Through Technology

Photo: Two people order a meal from the Honeygrow kiosk

Keith reached out to PromptWorks to create an updated kiosk interface that would improve the overall customer experience and marry all the systems being used by Honeygrow so that all stores could provide the same experience. They also did not want their customers to experience any hiccups during this significant transition in technology.

A Plan for Action

A tablet interface showing a "Create your own stir-fry" screen from the Honeygrow kiosk system

PromptWorks helped Honeygrow look at this challenge holistically. There were many priorities that had to be considered when approaching the updates, and they all had to run together. They included:

  • Improving customer ordering experience at in-store kiosks, while making use of existing design elements (animations and images).
  • Creating a system that automatically updates the ingredient list as items run out.
  • Integrating the mobile apps, kiosks, and internal POS into one automated ecosystem.
  • Developing a simple deployment system for easy and automatic updates across stores.

Navigating Tricky Waters

Logos: Toast, ELO, and Card Connect

The project team maneuvered well in the face of new challenges that appeared mid-execution. The original system was set up on an outdated Flash-based platform, and PromptWorks decided to build the new system on React Native so they could deploy the Android app to new ELO kiosk hardware. As part of upgrading their order experience, Honeygrow was switching to a new credit card processor, Card Connect, which entailed an additional hardware integration of a credit card reader, along with Toast, an order processing system. Changing all the underlying systems while maintaining continuity to customers became the challenge.

Putting the Plan into Motion

PromptWorks started with building the framework to tackle the screen experience – responsive screen size, navigation, and recreating the existing flash animations in Android. With the styles in place, we then tackled the flow of completing a full order: starting small with single items before moving on to ordering a full meal, being presented with add-ons like beverages, bread, and dessert. Once that was completed, it was on to adding custom meals to account for all different types and fashions of orders. The flow had to be seamless, allowing multiple orders to be added on the same ticket, and required extensive quality assurance testing with the Honeygrow team, who were constantly trying the latest version in their test kitchen against the live food prep applications.

Animation: The Honeygrow kiosk interface

Next, they had to integrate a system where the ingredient inventory could be automatically updated at least every 10 seconds. With the help of an integration with Toast, their cloud-based order management system, it was possible to know if an ingredient ran out.

Once this was completed, PromptWorks engineers developed the connective tissue to have these disparate pieces talk to each including the Android mobile app, iOS app, the POS system, and the in-store dashboard. Now Honeygrow has system that is connected and working reliability together so that they never have to tell a customer that their favorite ingredient is out of order or have the kitchen miss a special instruction from a customer because our kiosk is experiencing a glitch.

Enjoying the Fruits of their Labor

Overall the feedback on the upgraded kiosk has been overwhelmingly positive. These massive improvements in speed, accuracy, reliability, and ease have helped Honeygrow open up new locations with confidence and consistency.

They also found significant time and cost savings through these efforts. For example, the new system eliminated the need for staff to wait for a printer to finish. In this way, extra minutes and seconds are now shaved off of the wait time for customers, which has helped Honeygrow stay competitive.

Lastly, Promptworks developed a remote provisioning service that allows Honeygrow HQ to send a tablet to a store and for any staff person to install the new kiosk system without prior technical knowledge. Previously this step had to be done manually by the VP of Technology, costing extra time and money. With a simplified installation that doesn’t require top-level support, it only further supported their ability to remain lean and fully agile in responding to potential issues or expanding their footprint in new territories.

Much like their name, Honeygrow’s new kiosk system is pretty sweet and sets them up to spread their tech-forward brand’s reach further and further.