Case Study: Honeygrow

Honeygrow got lunch just right with their tasty kiosk app.

With wholesome ingredients, an appreciation for plant-based diets, and a dedication to quality, this Philadelphia startup is redefining the quick service food industry one plate at a time.

Honeygrow had two ambitious goals for their custom in-restaurant technology:

  • Make it effortless for customers to order a customized meal using over 90 possible ingredients while accommodating any allergies, dietary restrictions, or preferences.
  • Make it easy for in-house engineering to maintain the custom technology, thus improving efficiency and consistency across all store locations.

Here was our challenge:

It would have been easier to start from scratch, but the new experience had to work with existing systems and integrate with emerging ones to keep up with the ever-changing restaurant industry. The transition also had to be invisible to customers.

To add complexity, the new consolidated system had to respond to inventory and automatically update ingredient lists as items ran out. The deployment system also had to be easily installed by non-technical employees and update automatically across all stores.

Here's how we solved it:

To improve performance, upgradability, and maintenance, Promptworks converted the existing Flash app to a React Native app. We made all screens and animations responsive and revised the ordering flow to make it seamless.

Our team also created an integration system that allowed the Android and iOS mobile apps, the internal Point-ofSale (POS) system, and the in-store dashboard to communicate and reside on the same network. We achieved the automatic ingredient inventory by adding a cloud-based order management system to the integration.

We also performed extensive quality assurance testing with the Honeygrow team, who used the food ordering app in their test kitchen against live food prep applications.

Lastly, Promptworks developed a remote provisioning service that allowed Honeygrow HQ to mail a tablet to any store to facilitate installation. Any non-technical staff member could install the new restaurant kiosk system, eliminating previous installation and expansion bottlenecks.

See the results:

The payoff of this project was immediate: happy customers—thanks to shorter wait times, better reliability, and an easier ordering experience.

We also introduced numerous cost- and time-saving efficiencies, in addition to stable updates and installations that let Honeygrow open up new locations with confidence and consistency.

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