Health & wellness

The world of health and wellness is complex and constantly changing. Its ecosystem is deeply interconnected with contributions from people and businesses from many industries: science, education, insurance, pharmaceuticals and fitness, to name a few.

Navigating the paths along a complex journey:

Your organization is also a part of that ecosystem, and it needs to integrate the intricacies of science, clinical research, market trends, and strict regulations. It’s not easy.

At Promptworks, we embrace complexity: the complexity of a global health and wellness industry, the complexity of software, and the complexity of being human. We can help your business navigate the challenging requirements, while also building products with empathy and accessibility at their core. Whether it’s an acute or chronic condition, whether it’s for caregivers, patients, or healthcare professionals, from clinical trials to patent-expiration, from provider selection to CRM support, from eating right to running a marathon, we understand the specific needs of health and wellness products.

We solve problems that matter.

We make our clients the tools they need to make an impact on the world.

How we work:

Our product strategists have extensive experience navigating HIPAA requirements and industry best practices. They can help you understand and prioritize product features, their implications, and the value they’ll deliver.

Our UX designers conduct industry and user research, so you can understand the needs of professionals, patients, and consumers. We try to learn their motivations and get to the root of their frustrations so we can design the right product.

Our engineers are deeply experienced in building stable, scalable software solutions with security and privacy built in from the ground up.

Our agile, iterative process allows you to quickly adapt to changing environments, and respond to user feedback.

How we've done it:

Picwell helps consumers and businesses choose the most cost-effective insurance plans, making sense of a complex and confusing landscape. They turned to Promptworks for expertise in engineering for HIPAA considerations, machine learning, and API development in order to turn their industry expertise into a valuable product.

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