Case Study: J.W. Pepper

J.W. Pepper expanded their digital library by stabilizing a legacy platform.

J.W. Pepper is the world’s largest retailer of sheet music, with over 750,000 titles in its catalog. J.W. Pepper acquired a platform, built by multiple contractors, that didn’t meet current DevOps standards. They asked Promptworks to modernize the product infrastructure and user experience.

Here was our challenge:

J.W. Pepper acquired Legato Media, a platform that allowed retailers to sell sheet music to schools and performance groups. However, they needed this legacy product transformed into something reliable, scalable, and easily managed. For that, they came to Promptworks.

Here's how we solved it:

1. We mapped out the core user journeys
Promptworks’ began helping J.W. Pepper build a satisfying user experience by uncovering user pain points, goals, tasks, and priorities.

2. We stabilized the application
Promptworks engineers remediated deep technical issues in the legacy code base by:

  • Pulling code into version control
  • Creating a reproducible deployment
  • Setting up a continuous integration pipeline
  • Documenting all application activities

It was also important for the J.W. Pepper team to keep the application running through their private cloud. Promptworks engineers helped their internal developers implement and adopt proper DevOps practices under this technical configuration.

See the results:

Within three months, J.W. Pepper had successfully acquired the platform, stabilized it, and generated enough revenue to justify the acquisition.

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