Case Study: Leverage

Leverage discovered fitness possibilities by uncovering user needs.

Revel Ride, parent company of Leverage, is an indoor cycling destination offering a variety of classes across Philadelphia. Spin studios needed a tool to consolidate the many apps they currently use to manage their businesses and interact with clients. Leverage sought help from Promptworks to build a new, custom platform that would allow any fitness studio to fill classes, manage subscriptions, engage customers, and more—all from a single, sleek interface.

Here was our challenge:

For years, the cycling studio industry relied on various disconnected tools to complete its management tasks. Users were not satisfied with this disjointed process, but studios had no other option. Could Promptworks deliver an alternative that combined all of these tasks—everything from scheduling to managing finances—under one platform and convince studios to ditch the status quo?

Here's how we solved it:

We knew from the beginning that a “switch-worthy” product would be grounded in extensive user research and innovative product design, so we invested heavily in an upfront Discovery process. This included observing how members from each user segment—studio owners, instructors, and riders—completed their tasks with existing products and interviewing them to determine their goals. This helped us prioritize features and develop extensive user journeys.

The insights gathered during Discovery directly informed the design process and helped us craft a user interface free of the clutter that bogged down the existing apps. It also helped us identify high-priority features that would elevate the new platform and make for seamless adoption among users.

Some of these “switch-worthy” features included bulk class scheduling, so users could make multiple bookings simultaneously. We also reimagined business reporting, making it more flexible than ever and tailored directly to the metrics of individual studios.

See the results:

Although the product has not yet entered the development phase, this project is already delivering value. It has educated the client not only about their customers, but also about the goals and needs of their employees. With this information, they can be confident that the investment to build the platform will be money well-spent.

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