Case Study: Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE)

SCTE served their customers with a streamlined and fully integrated website.

The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE) is a trade organization that brings together engineers, developers, and installers within the cable and communications industries. As an organization, they serve their members by offering customized training opportunities, detailed advice and updates, and regular events - all served through their website. They recently came to Promptworks looking to streamline their overall website and CMS and make it easier for them to update content and opportunities for their members.

Here was our challenge:

SCTE came to Promptworks with a live, but not fully functioning website. Their team was frustrated by regular bugs, website crashes, and an inability to update the site quickly or easily. These issues kept them from serving their customers and they knew changes needed to be made.

Because of the vast variety of benefits that SCTE offers to its members, re-building their site constituted a fairly large undertaking. Their team needed event and e-commerce functionality, a more reliable CMS (content management system), and integrations with iMIS, a website and content database tool.

On top of needed functionality, SCTE was looking to move the project forward quickly and efficiently to avoid sinking more budget into the site. The Promptworks team devised a creative solution that would streamline all aspects of the site, maintain brand and design identity, and increase functionality for SCTE’s team and customers.

Here's how we solved it:

SCTE chose Promptworks as their development partner because of our inherent focus on doing things the right way, and this focus drove many of our decisions related to this project.

Starting with Design

Though it was assumed that our team could use their current site as a design basis for new work, it quickly became apparent that both our project and SCTE as a whole could benefit from a design phase focused on building out wireframes and component libraries that would work for current and new pages of the site. By adding these components, we were able to migrate content and elements without a complete site redesign and to offer SCTE additional functionality for future needs.

Forward Thinking

While the focus was on rebuilding their current site, the Promptworks team knew that SCTE also had an eye on the future and was looking for a backend and CMS that would allow them to easily build and launch new pages. By utilizing the CSS framework Tailwind, Promptworks was able to improve upon the current CMS and provide a solution where in content could be reshaped and reconfigured for the new site. This allowed the SCTE team to build their own pages moving forward and helped to migrate irregular content to the new site.

Building a Reliable Foundation

Knowing that one of the biggest challenges with their current site was its lack of reliability, Promptworks helped SCTE rebuild their site around a stable foundation that mitigated the risk of crashes, bugs, and failures by porting their site from an unreliable CMS to the open source solution Wagtail. The team also replaced a dated and fragile CRM integration with a more robust solution that kept data relevant and up to date. Focusing on ease of use, scalability, and secure integrations helped to make their new site much more stable.

See the results:

By rebuilding their website and integrating a more streamlined and user-friendly CMS, SCTE was able to focus on what really matters - serving their members. They were able to update content more quickly, add additional programs as needed, and make all updates without fear of a website crash. Months after launch, the SCTE team was not only pleased by their site’s updated functionality and stable foundation, but the future it created for their team and members. They also reported positive reviews from major customers and partners.

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