Case Study: Slingmax

Slingmax improved worksite safety and efficiency with a responsive web app.

As an industry leader, Slingmax was used to working with big ideas. When they decided to innovate their smart sling technology by upgrading from a product that ran on a local network to one that operates in the cloud, they wanted a partner that understood customer needs and motivations, not just the code base needed to make a product function.

They looked to Promptworks to help integrate cloud technology with existing hardware and take their MVP app to the next level so on-site workers could trust the safety of slings at worksites worldwide.

Here was our challenge:

When Slingmax approached Promptworks, they already had a prototype in hand and were testing their product on live job sites - but needed a partner to accelerate innovation and reach their end goals. They were looking to better integrate software solutions with existing hardware, bring the final application into the cloud to allow for greater adoption, and create a more executable solution for their customers.

While they were excited by the progress they had made with their prototype, the Slingmax team also recognized the hurdles that still lay before them to reach their goals. There were a number of challenges in integrating their existing hardware with any new software to be built, improvements to clunky hardware on site, and changes that needed to be made to make software workable in actual real-life work situations. Existing software would need to be upgraded and iterated upon to allow it to sync with base stations located around the work site as well as with sling-based hardware.

Here's how we solved it:

From Prototype to Product The Promptworks team was able to partner with Slingmax and their existing development team to move an MVP prototype to an innovative product that added value across work sites. Utilizing regular release schedules, a continuous deployment protocol, and a code base written on Angular and deployed as an Electron app, our team was able to incorporate the hardware and software prototypes that had been developed while also adding value to the newly developed responsive app.

Our team also helped to stabilize the code base by adding tests, refactoring it to use patterns from Angular CLI, and by standing up a CI/CD deployment pipelines, and establishing a regular release schedule. We moved functionality forward by decoupling the application from Electron so that it would be usable both as a native app on desktop and a responsive browser app. By redesigning the communication layer between the app and the hardware, we moved the product from a closed system to the cloud, expanding the reach and functionality of the final app.

Making It Work, At Work While the Slingmax prototype represented a big step forward in terms of sling safety and management, the team recognized that there were a number of improvements needed before the product would be usable in real-life work settings.

The Promptworks team was able to work with Slingmax and their partners to incorporate changes via angular, linux, and javascript that allowed for the web application to communicate via additional touch points across a worksite, greatly expanding its viability in real life situations. We also worked with embedded systems engineers on the Slingmax team to integrate the existing codebase with a 2.0 version of their hardware that allowed job sites to deploy multiple instances that would create their own mesh networks for better coverage, expanding accessibility across multiple team members for greater supervision and safety.

Working with specific needs in mind, Promptworks was able to iterate on an established prototype through project management and technical skills. By the end of our engagement, Slingmax had a functioning, professional-grade product that added value to the Slingmax portfolio and to both existing and new customers. The new web app also helped workers on-site and remote Slingmax supervisors keep track of sling safety and wear and tear.

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