Consumer products

If you want people to choose your product over someone else’s, it needs to solve problems that other apps don’t. We’ve learned that creating value starts with understanding customer needs. We’ve learned that their expectations are established by the best version of a feature that they’ve experienced. We’ve learned that the best products solve prioritized needs and evolve iteratively to respond to customer feedback. By focusing on value, our clients’ products create loyal customers.

Connected apps, connected users:

Promptworks consumer products are designed to reach a growing audience in an ever-evolving ecosystem of interconnected devices and platforms.

We build cross-platform mobile apps and responsive web applications that help people reach their friends and family, work more efficiently, or find that perfect something to improve their lives. We build software for smart devices and wearables that will keep your customers engaged, excited, and connected to your business.

We understand that people are complex.

How it works:

Our researchers work to understand user goals and behaviours. They find solutions that adapt to their needs and meet the high expectations set by the other great products in their lives.

Our designers know that beautiful design is not skin deep. A harmonious and balanced design sets expectations for a top notch experience, builds satisfaction when it delivers, and encourages loyalty.

Our product strategists have a unique, interactive approach to managing features and development. They know how to help you prioritize what’s important now, but also make room for future features in response to customer feedback or changing business requirements.

Our engineers have the technical expertise to build software that adapts automatically under stress, and scales efficiently with fluctuating demand. Their skill in building intelligent systems will set you up for future success.

How we've done it:

Roost had a brilliant smart device that helped people protect their homes. They needed help with improving app stability, increasing efficiency with codebase maintenance, and raising App Store ratings.

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