Machine learning

The world is getting smarter. Possibilities are expanding and evolving through automation and artificial intelligence. Solutions that at one point seemed impossible are now being solved through intelligent algorithms that learn from your data. But data science alone is not enough to build successful products. Your business also needs intelligent strategies and people to bring your innovation to the world.

Smart software made by smart people:

At Promptworks, we believe in raising the bar. We’re not content to stick with the old ways just because we know them. We’re always aiming to push the boundaries of software development, but not just because we can — we also believe in building the best products for your business, because that’s our responsibility.

Excellence and comfort don't coexist.

How we work:

We understand that machine learning is only one tool — albeit a powerful one — in the toolbelt of software product development.

Our engineers understand how to make sense of your data, and get it working for you. They build data models that yield useful predictions. They build infrastructure and APIs that make those predictions practical. They create tools that help you make smart business decisions.

Our UX designers learn from your data, your business, and your users. They aim to understand which solutions can get your product off the ground fastest and create the best product experience.

Our product strategists help you make smart decisions about your data and which paths to take forward. By focusing first on the product features that deliver the most value, they are helping to ensure a healthy business.

How we've done it:

Picwell helps consumers and businesses choose the most cost-effective insurance plans, making sense of complex and confusing data. They turned to Promptworks to help turn their data into a valuable product. We engineered a fully-automated data pipeline that ran simulations of healthcare costs, created custom statistical models, and built a robust API to power their product.

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