Smart devices & IoT

The universe of smart devices is expanding quickly — and you need to be right there with it. Your products need to reach a growing audience in an ever-evolving ecosystem of interconnected devices and platforms.

Expanding the universe of connected devices:

Smart companies are taking advantage of this “Internet of Things” revolution to build better experiences, create efficiencies, automate processes, and gain valuable business insights.

Promptworks UX team members understand that comfort and excellence don’t co-exist. They understand that to evolve, you need to stay abreast of innovation, and work hard to deliver a truly connected experience.

Raise the bar.

We think with a long-term strategy in everything we do to create work that stands the test of time – from interfaces anchored in best practices and user needs to code that is tested and retested for the umpteenth time.

How it works:

At Promptworks, we love discovering novel problems and inventing solutions for them. We have the background in product strategy, design, and engineering necessary to solve the kinds of complex problems that arise when you’re innovating. We build products that will keep your customers engaged, excited, and connected to your business and to each other.

Our product strategists and user researchers examine the nuances of your vision and the market. They aim to understand your future users, the goals and frustrations at the root of their needs, and the opportunities for innovation that your product can capitalize on.

Our engineers build ingenious software for smart devices, wearables, and the Internet of Things that don’t yet exist. We love pioneering new technologies, breaking new ground, and developing amazing things no one else has before.

How we've done it:

Roost had a brilliant smart device that helped people protect their homes. They needed help with improving app stability, increasing efficiency with codebase maintenance, and raising App Store ratings.

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