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Product adoption insights

Your product needs to succeed. Your users need to work with it, love it, and engage with it. In order for your product to succeed, you need to understand the reasons people may or may not choose to adopt it. Where have other products failed and what opportunities does that introduce? Where have they succeeded that you should take your cues and innovate something even better?

Build the right product for the right reasons:

It’s critical to the success of your business that you understand what features are going to make your product effortless and delightful. Investing in up-front research will arm you with the knowledge needed to create satisfied, loyal users.

At Promptworks we aim to solve the problems that matter. We are not satisfied with best guesses; we do the research that lets us build the right product, in order to solve the right problem.

We’re a team of active thinkers.

If you’re just looking for an extra pair of hands, that isn’t us.

How we work:

Our discovery process is designed to generate insight — and insights are everywhere if you know where to look. It starts by understanding the structure of your business: who are your users and where do they find value?

We perform user research to understand the key goals that need to be achieved.
We examine design patterns across various markets to find useful ideas that people already know and love.
We look at inspiring styles and to find the aesthetic that fits your business and will elevate your brand.

These insights will guide us in deciding which features are the most valuable and will directly inform how we prioritize what to design and build.

How we've done it:

Case study: Revel Ride, Leverage App, Discovery

Leverage’s stakeholders had long experienced the convoluted and disjointed business management systems available for the fitness industry. They had an extensive vision to create a unified and streamlined system that allowed them to focus on their customers. Promptworks’ product strategy team led them through a comprehensive discovery process that identified key switch-worthy features that would push their vision forward.

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