Product Strategy


Having a successful product is as much about what not to build as it is about what you should build. Ideas are cheap, but designing and implementing them is not.

The path to product success:

Your business has a bottom line and you need to make smart decisions about which paths to take forward. By focusing first on the product features that deliver the most value, you’re building a loyal user base. You’re also ensuring a healthy business, which means you can continue to grow and build that long list of amazing features eventually.

Our product strategists are committed to doing the right thing for your business. We are open and honest about what’s in the best interest of your product and its users, even if that means less work for us.

We solve problems that matter.

We make our clients the tools they need to make an impact on the world.

How we work:

Product strategy begins by understanding the structure of your business, its goals, its customers, and how it operates.

We generate targeted feature ideas by performing user research, focusing on delivering value to users.

We develop strategic insights about which features will make for successful product adoption.

We systematically organize, prioritize and plan the scope of possibilities, so you can make smarter decisions about your product’s path forward.

How we've done it:

Case study: goPuff, Web Application

goPuff, the at-home delivery service, needed improvements to their product sampling tools: The process for delivering sample products was slow, manual, and provided little insight. See how Promptworks helped them improve their administrative tools and develop new feature ideas that would introduce intelligent, automated analytics.

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