Product Strategy

Testing & QA

In order to succeed, products need a strategy for validation and quality assurance. It’s not enough to hit the release deadline or come in under budget. It’s not enough to just attract an audience and get your product in their hands. Your product needs to meet success requirements that ensure stability, accessibility, and ease of use.

There’s always room for improvement:

Your product also needs to focus on longevity. Getting users is just the beginning; you need to make sure your product is delivering the value it set out to deliver. You need to make sure you’re keeping your customers delighted, responding to their complex needs, and not turning them away.

Promptworks’ testing and QA specialists realize that excellence and comfort don’t always coexist. At the core of our product strategy is the need to validate our decisions. We are always willing and eager to look back at our work and make sure it’s actually achieving the quality it’s supposed to.

Details Matter.

It’s our job to ask the right questions—the ones get us from good ideas to great products.

How it works:

A quality assurance strategy starts early on and continues throughout the lifetime of your product. We never settle for good enough; there’s always room to grow and improve.

Our UX designers & UI engineers have accessibility in mind, building interfaces that are inclusive and meet the highest standard for usability.

We perform usability testing to ensure your users have an effortless and enjoyable experience, even if that means adapting to new information and uncovering new feature opportunities.

Our QA specialists are always on the hunt for software bugs, working closely with engineers to search out and eliminate them.

How we've done it:

Case Study: Department of Defense, Web Application

The Department of Defense needed a fast method of delivering cloud computing services to their employees and turned to Promptworks for our expertise. After traveling to twelve Army, Navy, and Air Force bases to interview hundreds of potential end-users - both active military personnel and civilian employees - we identified some key goals like better security, rapid budget approval, and intuitive cloud management tools. Armed with these insights, we empowered the Department of Defense with a commercial-grade tool that still has the necessary security and management controls.

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