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User research

At the core of any successful product is a deep understanding of the people who use it. What are their goals and frustrations? How can you make their life or work better?

Design for your users with insights & understanding:

We measure the success of your product not just in ease of use or technical stability, but in product adoption. To understand what would lead people to choose your product over other options , we work with your users to uncover where they struggle today, what causes those struggles, and what opportunities there are for helping them do things they never thought possible.

At Promptworks, our UX researchers only want to solve the problems that matter. User research reveals those key problems by partnering with the people who deal with them.

We understand that people are complex.

Yes, sometimes your users are unpredictable. We engineer and design experiences that conform to human behavior, not the other way around.

How we work:

We start by working together to clearly define the types of people who will use your product, what their goals are when they use it, and how they try to achieve those goals now. Then we talk to these people, we observe them, we work alongside them. We try to understand their motivations and get to the root of their frustrations. We capture every behavior, strange workaround, dead end, complaint, and challenge. We synthesize and prioritize all this data and pull out their goals, needs, and tasks and use it to shape our flow, interface, and feature recommendations.

Our research helps us:

How we've done it:

Case Study: Movers Specialty Service, iOS/Android App

Movers Specialty Service needed to design an app that would help streamline the logistics of moving valuable and delicate items. With so many important moving parts and people needing to be in the loop, they turned to Promptworks for UX expertise. Our researchers conducted in-depth, hands-on user research to understand how best to develop this app.

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