Case Study: Sungard

Sungard put the cloud in users' hands with their new IaaS portal.

Sungard helps companies improve their business resilience by offering world-class IT recovery services and datacenter infrastructure.

Sungard wanted to unify their customer portal interfaces for their cloud infrastructure services and introduce self-service capabilities. They turned to Promptworks to develop the new portal quickly and efficiently.

Here was our challenge:

Sungard, a leader in IT production and recovery services, wanted to introduce self-service capabilities to let customers purchase cloud resources quickly and reduce support staff costs. The company’s goal was to go beyond the offerings of its competitors (like AWS) by layering additional management capabilities, and eventually unifying all of its customer portals under a single interface.

Sungard also wanted to break out of a waterfall development process to ensure this portal was delivered fast—and with greater alignment to customer needs.

Here's how we solved it:

1. Test driven development, rapid feedback.
Promptworks focused on a test-driven development process, allowing engineers to release code to Sungard’s Quality Assurance team with high confidence and few regressions. We customized an in-house continuous integration and deployment pipeline, so product managers could try out new features immediately and offer rapid feedback.

Promptworks was able to develop an initial build of the customer portal quickly. Then, through an iterative process, we deployed prioritized features in sprints to meet all product requirements.

2. Pair programming.
Eventually Sungard decided to move its entire infrastructure from CloudStack to OpenStack. With a very aggressive timeline, Promptworks engineers proposed building the new portal on top of OpenStack’s existing user interface, ensuring the product would be familiar to users already working with OpenStack and that the client could meet their deadline.

Using test-driven development and pair programming, the Promptworks team was able to make the solution available within the specified timeframe.

See the results:

Promptworks delivered the solutions Sungard needed on time and well within budget. We significantly reduced development time and story churn by using an Agile process, which allowed Sungard to review progress on a weekly or biweekly basis. With the self-service capabilities incorporated into the portal, customers could now provision their own VMs in minutes, instead of waiting days after they placed their requests.

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