Thrive TRM provides the software industry’s first true talent relationship management platform for executive recruiting firms, venture capital and private equity firms, and human resource recruiters in enterprise environments.

The Thrive TRM solution is a talent networking and recruitment application that drives collaboration, streamlines workflow and produces better hiring decisions.

The Challenge

Thrive TRM dashboard

Thrive TRM formed in 2014 with a vision of combining the best elements of the applicant tracking systems and customer relationship management systems used by recruiters into a single, seamless, cloud-based solution. The goal was to develop a solution that would deepen talent pools, connect recruiters with top candidates, and manage searches in real time.

PromptWorks helped us build a modern, flexible, cloud-based platform that brings the executive recruiting and talent management process into the 21st Century.

J. Reed Flesher, President of Thrive TRM

To provide this functionality, Thrive TRM needed a modern, economical platform that would provide the scalability and flexibility required for serving a growing global client base, with the ability to support new apps on smartphones and tablets.

“We believe that the market is ready for a new approach that improves the overall user experience and enhances the way recruiters manage the hiring process,” said J. Reed Flesher, President of Thrive TRM. “What’s been missing is a completely automated, collaborative client reporting process that provides greater transparency, real-time information and better intelligence for hiring teams.”

Strategic Execution at Work

Thrive TRM screens

Thrive TRM selected PromptWorks to help develop its new platform based on the software company’s deep technical expertise and reputation for close collaboration with its client for developing web apps, APIs, and automated processes. A major requirement for the app was expediting workflows, automating as much as possible and providing quick, high-level views on the state of open searches.

PromptWorks built a new web app for Thrive TRM on Ruby on Rails and React.js that is fast, economical, modular and extensible. The app is optimized for smart phones and tablets, and developed for hosting on Amazon Web Services to reduce hosting and licensing costs. Because the app is delivered via the cloud, it can quickly and easily scale to accommodate client demand as it grows over time.

“Prior to this, the typical client update process for talent searches involved weekly conversations based on static manual reports that simply covered old ground,” said Mr. Flesher. “With the solution PromptWorks helped us create, we can help advance that weekly call into a collaborative, consultative discussion enhanced by the latest information, moving the talent search process along to closure more quickly and efficiently.”

The Results

As a result of this engagement, Thrive TRM now has the modern, flexible platform optimized for mobile devices to serve its clients. The solution is the first in the industry to provide real-time data, enabling key recruiting processes such as activity tracking, candidate prioritization and live communication.

Because the application is delivered via the cloud, it is equally accessible for companies and organizations of all sizes, from the smallest boutique firms to the largest global enterprises. Thrive TRM continues to add new customers for its solution. Customers already report that they are able to complete their talent searches 10 to 15 percent faster with the Thrive TRM solution than they could with prior applications they used.

“Our TRM platform does more than just simply track the hiring process – it enables recruiters and team builders to deeply connect with candidates for the best hiring outcomes,” said Mr. Flesher. “PromptWorks helped us build a modern, flexible, cloud-based platform that brings the executive recruiting and talent management process into the 21st Century.”