Case Study: Thrive TRM

Thrive TRM sourced top talent with a new custom application.

Thrive TRM creates software that helps companies manage talent relationships and track applicant progress. When they needed to build the most advanced talent relationship management platform possible, they came to Promptworks for our technical and management expertise.

Here was our challenge:

Thrive realized that to recruit top tech talent, their platform needed to have as sophisticated a user experience as the products tech employees were accustomed to building.

The platform also needed to auto-populate applicant info from public sources, systematize the process of collecting interview feedback from reviewers, and customize and reweight criteria for each hire.

Prior to this, the typical client update process for talent searches involved weekly conversations based on static manual reports that simply covered old ground. With the solution Promptworks helped us create, we’ve advanced that weekly call into a collaborative, consultative discussion enhanced by the latest information, moving the talent search process along to closure more quickly and efficiently.

J. Reed Flesher, President of Thrive TRM

Here's how we solved it:

1. We automated workflows.
A major requirement for the app was expediting workflows, automating as much as possible and providing quick, high-level views on the state of open searches.

Promptworks helped Thrive strategically prioritize the workflows and features that differentiated them from competitors and added real value for early clients. We built Thrive’s application on Ruby on Rails and React.js, a combination that was fast and modular for the core feature sets. We also helped guide them towards using Convox, an AWS-based Platform as a Service (PaaS), so they did not need to hire a DevOps team at the outset.

2. We mentored their new developers.
Promptworks helped Thrive hire and onboard their new developers for this product. Having senior engineers coaching junior developers about proper sprint planning and test-driven development allowed the new team to adopt a process and culture that would help them focus on what mattered most.

See the results:

Thrive’s customers were able to complete their talent searches up to 15 percent faster than with prior applications. Thrive was proud that they were the first in the industry to provide real-time data, enabling key recruiting processes, such as activity tracking, candidate prioritization, and live communication.

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