Case Study: US Department of Defense

The DoD achieved time sensitive missions by creating easy access to the cloud.

The mission of the Department of Defense is to provide the military forces needed to deter war and to protect the security of our country. The Department of Defense was seeking an efficient and effective way to deliver a modern, cost-effective cloud computing technology tool to their military and civilian employees around the world, and the DoD selected Promptworks to help build that tool.

Here was our challenge:

Because of the time-sensitive nature of their missions, it was crucial that the Department of Defense had a fast method of delivering cloud computing services to their employees. The DoD needed a system to connect cloud accounts to DoD credentials, track usage and spend, and organize, control, and audit the cloud resources for varying numerous projects.

Here's how we solved it:

With so many user types, we knew we’d need to invest in a comprehensive discovery phase before any design or engineering work could begin. Over the course of three months, our team traveled to twelve Army, Navy, and Air Force bases to interview hundreds of potential end-users—both active military personnel and civilian employees. We also observed how the Department currently used commercial cloud services and noted common pain points. This research quickly revealed some key goals, like better security, rapid budget approval, and intuitive cloud management tools.

Armed with this research and a collaborative “definition of done,” we built the product iteratively, demonstrating working software to the CCPO team every two weeks. The team adapted to changing requirements and priorities through sprint planning and diligent decision documentation. Promptworks continued to deliver value despite numerous interruptions (including a government shutdown) and handled the constraints and challenges inherent in working with a 2.2 million-person organization.

See the results:

The Department of Defense now has a tool that is ready to assist with the provisioning of cloud services equal to what commercial customers have enjoyed for years, but with the security and management controls unique to the DoD.

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